The Superior Vinyl Shake Shed

You love the look of shake siding but you can't decide if you should go with cedar wood shake siding or vinyl shake siding. Vinyl shakes have the rustic look of natural cedar wood shake shingles without the high cost and maintenance of cedar wood shingles. With several colors to choose from, you can make your shed stand out as a whole or add a distinctive accent to your shed. A great choice for a customer that is looking to go above and beyond with their new shed.

Custom Shed

Standard Features

  • Floor: 2" x 6" PT Wood Floor Joists 16" On Center With 3/4" BCX Sanded Exterior Plywood Deck
  • Walls: 2" x 4" Premium Fir KD Studs 16" On Center At 6'3" Height
  • Siding: 1/2" OSB Sheathing Covered With Triple 5" Straight Edge Perfection Vinyl Shakes (*Other Design Options Available) In Your Choice Of Color
  • Roof: A-Frame (7/12 Roof Pitch), 2" x 4" Premium Fir KD Rafters 16" On Center With 1/2" OSB Roof Sheathing With 30 Year Architectural Roof Shingles In Your Choice Of Color And Aluminum Drip Edge
  • Trim: PVC corner boards, 1" x 6" PVC Fascia Boards, 1" x 6" PVC Rake Boards & 1" x 2" PVC Shadow Rake Boards For The Gable Ends & 1/2" PVC Soffit
  • Door: (1) - 50" Solid Vinyl Double Door
  • Window: (1) - 20" x 30" Single Hung White Vinyl Window With Half Screen.
  • (1) - Storage Loft & (1) - 4' Roof Ridge Vent 

Optional Extras

Shed Options

Customize your shed with over 100 options

Available Floor Plans

*Doors and windows may be moved at no additonal cost, or add larger doors and larger windows as an option.

*Custom floor plans available as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers decide their own floor plan. Standard pricing includes (1) - 50" Solid Double Door & (1) - 20" x 30" Single Hung White Vinyl Window. An East Coast Shed representative will be able to assist & guide you in deciding which floor plan will be the best fit for you.

Vinyl Shake Shed Photo Gallery

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