Why Purchase A Gazebo?

10' White Vinyl Octagon Gazebo

Adds Value

When deciding on purchasing a gazebo, outlining the structure’s function should be your first step in the design and purchasing process as this will likely dictate its size, add-ons, and the best materials for the job. This outdoor living space adds significant value to your home.

12' White Vinyl Octagon Gazebo With Screen Package

Defines A Space

Gazebos can be a practical way to expand your outdoor living space, and provide your family with shelter from the elements.

14' Almond Vinyl Octagon Gazebo With Screen Package


A gazebo can provide you a beautiful protected shaded area where you can enjoy the summer day without worrying about a sunburn. They are excellent for providing coverage over dining areas, hot tubs, and even outdoor grills.

Why Our Gazebos Over The Competition?

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Transforming Your Landscape

Gazebos provide a great functional outdoor getaway space for you and your family to enjoy. Many people crave a quiet, peaceful retreat and are willing to pay for it. Properly fitting the gazebo with the right furniture, music systems, lighting, and any other entertainment extras you require will provide you with countless hours of family time with your loved ones or a romantic evening with your spouse. There is nothing that can bring out the magic of a mastered landscape or a craftsman home than an intricately constructed and decorated gazebo. No matter if you choose a traditional natural wood design or a white-painted centerpiece for the rose garden, a gazebo will make your yard more attractive and anyone who walks into your yard. They will be amazed by the beauty against the backdrop of a well thought-out landscape.

Gazebo Design FAQ's

  • *All prices include architectural asphalt roof shingles.
  • *Optional metal roofing: +$16 per square foot 
  • *Optional almond vinyl (+20% additional cost)

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Gazebo Options

Customize your gazebo with several options

  • *All prices include free on-site installation, free delivery & you pay no sales tax.
  • *Larger sizes are available, please inquire
  • *Please Note: Gazebos must have a 3/4" crushed stone pad perfectly level or a concrete cement pad. This is a service East Coast Shed Inc. offers for an additional cost, please inquire.
  • Prices in effect 3/1/2023. Subject to change without notice

Gazebo Photo Gallery

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