With the rising cost of fuel, many of us have switched to wood burning stoves to heat our homes. A firewood shed is a practical storage solution for your seasoned wood. Firewood storage sheds are perfect for keeping your firewood dry, mold free and provides protection from our harsh New England winters. These buildings are perfect for your home, camp sites or RV parks. Contact us today or stop by our Berkley, MA location to design your new firewood shed!


  • Floor: 2" x 6" PT wood floor joists 16" on center covered with pressure treated decking
  • Walls: 2" x 4" premium fir KD studs 16" on center
  • Siding: 1" x 8" tongue and groove pine siding or 5/8" pre-primed LP SmartSide wood siding
  • Roof: A-Frame, 2" x 4" premium fir KD rafters 16" on center with 1/2" CDX roof sheathing with 30 year architectural roof shingles in your choice of color and aluminum drip edge
  • Trim: 1" x 4" pine corner boards, 1" x 6" pine fascia boards and 1" x 6" pine rake boards for the gable ends

DimensionSquare. Ft.Cord AmountLP SmartSidePine T & G
4' x 8'321 Cord$3,150.00$3,175.00
6' x 8'481 1/2 Cords$3,300.00$3,375.00
6' x 10'602 Cords$3,600.00$3,675.00

Prices shown are valid until December 31, 2021. Prices may be subject to change without notice.