Why DuraTemp Wood Siding?

DuraTemp wood siding is very versatile and can be painted in any color desired. DuraTemp siding has an authentic, textured appearance, but with a surface which is clear of repairs or patches. This wood siding is pre-primed and it’s easy to paint. Not only does it look great on the outside, but with a Douglas-fir plywood back, your shed will look just as great on the inside. The DuraTemp siding has a tough hardboard, or composite face, meaning it won’t split or crack, even when faced with rough treatment. It has a strong, plywood veneer inner core which is made of western softwood veneer, and a water resistant (NAUF) phenolic resin.

Features of our DuraTemp Sheds:

  • Floor: 2" x 6" PT wood floor joists 16" on center with 3/4" BCX sanded exterior plywood deck
  • Walls: 2" x 4" premium fir KD studs 16" on center at 6'3" height
  • Siding: 5/8" DuraTemp pre-primed wood siding, 8" on center groove
  • Roof: A-Frame, 2" x 4" premium fir KD rafters 16" on center with 1/2" CDX roof sheathing with 30 year architectural roof shingles in your choice of color and aluminum drip edge
  • Trim: 1" x 4" pine corner boards, 1 "x 6" pine fascia boards and 1" x 6" pine rake boards for the gable ends
  • The price includes one 50" pine double door and one 20" x 30" single hung white vinyl window with half screen. It also includes one storage loft and one roof ridge vent.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers decide their own floor plan. An East Coast Shed representative will be able to assist & guide you in deciding which floor plan will be the best fit for you.