Why A Custom Pool House?

Are you looking to take your backyard over the top to create that backyard oasis you have always dreamed of? Pool houses have become a popular choice for storage or to be used as entertainment. These buildings are great for storing all your pool supplies, hangouts or just an entertainment area for your family & friends to enjoy all year long. There are a number of designs and styles for pool house sheds so why not customize it that is just right for you? Every customer has their own vision and your options are only limited by your imagination. Our experienced staff will assist and answer any questions you have about your new project ensuring a hassle free experience.

Custom Pool House Shed Design:

When determining a size and style for your custom pool house shed there are several questions to think about:

1. How do I plan on using my pool house?

  • Storage Shed
  • Entertaining
  • Pool Supplies
  • Studio
  • Office

2. What do I plan on storing inside?

3. How much space do I have where I want to place the pool house?

4. What size pool house do I need?

5. What type of siding?

  • DuraTemp Wood Siding
  • Tongue and Groove Pine Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Vinyl Shake Siding

6. How many doors and windows?

7. What custom optional extras?

7. What type of foundation will I need?

8. What are the permit & zoning restrictions?

An East Coast Shed representative will be able to assist/guide you in deciding your custom pool house shed. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers decide their own floor plan. An East Coast Shed representative will be able to assist & guide you in deciding which floor plan will be the best fit for you.